The Climate

Magoito has a pleasant coastal microclimate — cooler than Lisbon in summer but warmer in winter. The following chart illustrates the temperatures and precipitation. By comparison, Bern, Switzerland’s precipitation ranges from 60mm in March to 115mm in August. 

Magoito Climate

Another way to look at climate is in terms of “comfort and liveability,” as calculated by Taras Kaduk. Through an analysis of 4 years of daily data from ~29,000 NOAA weather stations, Taras Kaduk calculated the most pleasant locations in blue, midpoint locations in yellow, and unpleasant locations in red. A pleasant day is defined as having the minimum temperature greater than 7°C/45°F, the maximum temperature less than 29°C/85°F, and a mean temperature between 13°C/55°F and 24°C/75°F without significant precipitation. As expected, “most pleasant” blue dots are found in costal Southern California, coastal northern Chile, southern Brazil, Auckland, New Zealand, etc. Our region is one of the few locations within Europe to earn a blue dot.

Most Pleasant Climates