Hiking Routes

Below are some suggestions for rambling or hiking around Magoito. In all cases, proceed at your own risk and take your own precautions. You are entirely and exclusively responsible for your own safety. If you click the red droplet at the end of each heading using your smartphone browser, the hiking route should appear in your phone’s Google Maps app.

  • Beach Hike – Loop through the valley to the beach and returning via cliff dunes.
  • Coastal Hike South – One-way trek to Azenhas do Mar and Praia das Maçãs.
  • Roman Bridge Hike – Up to Samarra Beach and then returning by way of the Roman Bridge in Catribara
  • Windmill Hike – Walk east to São João das Lampas and return passing by windmills and a water mill

Slow Beach Hike
(6.6km, 1hr 50min)

For the fastest path to the beach (which takes about 15 minutes but is quite steep) make an immediate left after leaving the house and descend down the hillside. For a less difficult path, the following “slow route” takes about 50 minutes to reach the beach and another hour returning by way of the cliff dunes.

Start walking up R. Carregadouro and take a right on R. Ribeira de Magoito. Continue as it turns into an unpaved tractor road, passing under the Moinhos do Magoito bed and breakfast place. Take a sharp right as soon as you see the GR11-E9 hiking trail sign and follow the path parallel to the creek.

The E9 European long distance path goes from Cabo de São Vicente in the Algarve to Narva-Jõesuu in Estonia.

At times the path runs on the left side of the creek, and other times on the right. Keep an eye out for Mediterranean pond turtles and the Egyptian mongoose, which we’ve seen in this riparian habitat.

Emerging on the beach, take a right up the hill to Esplanada Duna Mar. Cross Estr. de Santa Maria and head for the parking lot overlooking the ocean. Follow the paths over the dunes staying left of the wall, as indicated on the map. On our way home, we like to take smaller roads that run parallel to Estr. de Santa Maria so as to avoid car traffic.

Coastal Hike South to Praia das Maçãs
(6.6km, 1hr 36min)

This hike starts with the more difficult but faster route to the beach, which takes about 15 minutes going downhill. Take an immediate left after leaving the house and follow the wall with the red cinderblocks. As soon as the wall ends, take a left and descend the steep path downhill. At the bottom of the hill, follow the GR11/E9 path towards the ocean.

The GR11/E9 path is marked by red and white bars. Follow this path south along the coast. Beware that at times the trails can take you dangerously close to the cliffs — so keep a close eye on children, etc.

Pass through Azenhas do Mar on your way to Praia das Maçãs.

From Praia das Maçãs you can return to Magoito on bus 1254. Alternatively, consider taking the Eléctrico tram to Sintra, have lunch, and then walk to Portela de Sintra station and return to Magoito on bus 1249.

Roman Bridge
(11.9km, 3hr)

This is a longer hike that takes you north up to Samarra Beach and then looping back inland by way of Catribana, Lugar de Baixo, and Rossio. Along the way is a Roman bridge, the Ponte Romana de Catribana, and a short section of a Roman road.

Start heading north, hugging the coastline and following the PR13 route.

Praia da Samarra is worth visiting — small and secluded. Cross the creek and head up the road to the right.

You will briefly switch from route PR13 to route PR9. After passing through the quaint village of Catribana you will cross the Ponte Romana.

Soon after the Roman road, you will return to route PR13.

Windmill Hike
(9.2km, 2hr 24min)

This hike takes about an hour to reach São João das Lampas, which offers cafés and restaurants to relax a bit.

Return to Magoito through peaceful rolling hills and rural agricultural landscapes. There are some traditional Portuguese windmills to see.

As well as a water mill.